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A letter from the future

Dear Past me ,

I’m not going to ask you how you are for I know that you don’t have the strength to lie. But I do hope that you will find peace some day. And that day, even if it is just for a fleeting moment, you will see the light that has been eluding you.

Until then, I ask you to go on feeding the fire within. What choice have you got, anyway? Times are hard for dreamers. Worse, for the realists.

All a true artist really needs in an audience. An audience that understands you or at least makes an effort to. An audience that jiggles to your beat and loses themselves in your song. An audience that craves your word of solace and the touch of hope. Such an audience is out there, lost. Just as you are. The money, the fame , the oohs and the aahs – Do they matter really?

Remember the drunken street busker in Prague? He entered the tram with his guitar. He sang Sinatra. His singing was loud and scratchy.And louder was the stench of liquor. He made people uncomfortable. Because he was free. He sang for an hour and people eventually warmed up to him. I could see a feet tapping mindlessly. Someone was humming to his tune. Before long , people surrounded him and joined him in his song. The dirt and the stench didn’t matter to them anymore. They would have gladly bought him more beer.

Do you see where I’m going with this story? The drunken street busker wasn’t afraid to be who he was. Well, the copious amount of liquor sure must have helped ;-). People rejected him initially. But once they saw how earnest he was and how happy his singing made him, they welcomed him inside their hearts and missed him when he got off the tram. Strangers were exchanging knowing glances as they had just experienced something beautiful together.

I feel obliged to give you a glimpse into the future. Your stories and ideas are going to be rejected, even in film school, yes. You are going to lock yourself up in the fortress you have built around you. You are going to start wishing you were a usual person who could lead a 9 to 5 life and not have the need to question and understand everything. You are going to learn how to cry. You are going to redefine the word ’misery’. You are going to lose faith in mankind and wonder if you could turn yourself into a bird. You are going to slam the door shut on the fragrance of roses that try to seep in through your window.

One fine Wednesday, you wake up and decide to reach out to the world and ask for help and realize that it’s the world’s turn to swat you off.

And deep inside you will know that it’s alright because you have something that can’t be taken away from you. Your vision. Your fire. Your dreams. So create, create and create. Someday the hole in your fortress will become bigger and bigger and your stories will flow out for the world to see. And through that hole, you will see THE light.

Cheers, till then.


Future me.

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