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How to become a business analyst?

Before embarking on the a career in business analysis, go through this checklist from While you are there, also check out their step-by-step business analysis career planning course and their business analyst career roadmap. Once you are convinced that business analysis is the right career choice for you, what comes next? This blog article from walks you through each step in the journey towards becoming a successful business analyst, whether you are fresh out of college or you already have a few years experience in business and wish to transition into a business analysis role.

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), provides its own guidelines for those seeking a future in this field, in an article title “Steps to Becoming a Business Analyst“. IIBA is an independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. For individuals working in a broad range of roles – business analysis, systems analysis, requirements analysis or management, project management, consulting, process improvement and more – IIBA can help you do your job better and enhance your professional life (mission statement from IIBA website). If you are already a working professional, and you want to make a lateral move into business analysis, you might already possess a number of the requisite skills. In this article from IIBA, Maureen McVey elaborates on the top five transferable skills, namely

  • Communications Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Research and Analytical Skills
  • Organizational Skills

LinkedIn is another valuable resource for those seeking advice on business analysis careers. A number of groups including

and many others provide fora for young professionals seeking advice and guidance on entering the field. Some of the LinkedIn groups are public, while others may require membership.

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