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Secrets of successful business analysts

“They are diplomats, translators and negotiators…”

Being a successful business analyst requires a intersection of skills, not all of which can be learnt at university. In this article from, Thomas Wailgum reveals the six secrets that make a top-notch business analyst, while Laura Brandenburg presents her opinion on the seven secrets that underlie success in the industry in this article. Tony McClain presents yet another take on the secrets behind business analysis success in this article. Though each author presents his or her own view, and they slightly differ, they all clearly point to the multidisciplinary nature of this role. Business analysis is not just about dealing with data. In fact, that may not even be the biggest part of their role.

In her book Business Analyst 30 Success Secrets – 30 Most Asked Questions on Business Analyst – What You Need to Know, author Nicole Harper addresses 30 common questions about business analysis that she has compiled from a number of sources. These includes discussions of The Knowledge Areas of Business Analysis, Data mining, SOA Modeling, The Role of Enterprise Architects and others. Buy from

Three business analysts from the firm SMS Management and Technology provide their views on what they think are the key traits contributing to success in this blog article. Although each has his or her own viewpoint, what is striking is that “academic” or “textbook” skills do not make an appearance anywhere in any of their lists! Rather, critical thinking, imagination, people skills and passion seem to be the much more relevant traits.

In this detailed interview with Job Shadow, Jonathan Babcock, a business analyst (find him at talks about all aspect of the business analyst’s professional life.

Finally, this forum on BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, contains a lively discussion by the business analyst community about the traits that make a successful business analyst.

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