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The ‘AD’venture files

You think you want to be in advertising? Are the crazy hours and low pay holding you back? Or are you just not sure enough? We all know that one person who we think would do great in the field; either they have the most out of the box ideas or they write really well or they just have a personality that would fit in!

Movies like ‘What women want’, ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ and television series’ like ‘Mad Men’ create this absolutely alluring idea of an unusually luxurious life: a really well designed office space with unlimited coffee, good looking colleagues with whom you attend fancy parties and sit courtside at basketball games, all while flying first class worldwide. I know it  doesn’t work that way but there’s always that little voice in my head going “How are you so sure?”

This interesting interview with Michael Geneseo throws light on this oh so fascinating career. One thought that stood out for me was his take on how important internships are while in college “In looking for an internship, I’d suggest foregoing the flashy big name agencies in favor of a smaller studio with a good reputation where you’ll be able to get your hands into more actual client work.”, he says. The fact that he didn’t really have advertising experience and is now working on all these various divisions validates the fact that it doesn’t matter how big the company is; the quality of work is what makes a difference. He goes on to talk about recruitment and the kind of candidates that stand apart, “But if I get someone who’s done their homework, comes prepared and brings something to the table, all in a humble way, that’s going to get my attention.”  And how do you manage to come up with novel ideas time after time? “Foster the beginner’s mind. Being able to look at every client with new eyes and not through past assumptions is absolutely crucial to this job.” All in all, “It’s not enough to be pretty. It’s got to be compelling and convincing.”, he says of ideas for ad campaigns.

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