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Sales Career Destinations: The top companies to work for

What do you aspire to as you enter your career in sales? Where do you want to be in five years? In ten years? Not all sales jobs are created equal. If you really want to make a career of sales, then you might want to set your sights on the best companies to work for as a sales pro. So which are these companies?

The 50 Best Companies To Sell For

Selling Power, the online industry magazine for sales professionals, has ranked the 50 best companies in the world to work for as a salesperson. Leading the list is SunGard, with its reputation of having “the best-trained and best-compensated sales force in the industry.” Other notables in the top ten include LinkedIn, InsideView and Iron Mountain. To quote from the article in Selling Power, “anyone entering the sales field should begin his or her search by taking a good look at these top companies to sell for.”
Their top ten:

  1. SunGard
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Heartland Payment Systems
  4. LevelEleven
  5. Forest Laboratories
  6. InsideView
  7. Hilti
  8. DocuSign
  9. UniFirst
  10. Iron Mountain
  11. Northwestern Mutual
  12. OneSource Information Services
  13. Hormel Foods
  14. Paychex
  15. Shaw Industries
  16. Undertone
  17. Power Home Remodeling Group
  18. Total Quality Logistics
  19. Microchip Technology
  20. OnDeck Capital

Get the whole list here.

The Top 10 Companies For Commission-Based Jobs

In the competitive and tough world of commission-based sales, it is the additional compensation from making sales, and not baseline salary, that accounts for the significant portion of a workers pay. reviews the best companies to work for in the field of commission-based sales jobs. Leading the list is the IT giant CA Technologies, with an average annual sales commission of over US$90,000.

Read the full article here. The whole list of top companies for commission-based jobs is here.

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