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Christopher Nolan – a loathed genius

I watch a lot of movies but I definitely don’t know everything about cinema. So when I had to write a piece on an inspirational film maker, a lot of people suggested other names; one even going on to say “anybody but Christopher Nolan”. It’s justified. The man makes some really intense movies. From Momento to the Batman series to Inception and most recently Interstellar, all of his movies seem to leave you hanging; if you’re one of those that is repelled by him and his movies, read¬† this article that lists out a few valid criticisms about them. To me, this man in sheer genius. It takes a lot of guts to make movies that you know can be interpreted multiple ways. An article by the Guardian says ‘He is one of the few directors who can walk into a Hollywood studio with an idea and come out with $200m’. (It’s a pretty long article but definitely worth a read. Also contains some very fascinating quotes by the man himself).

This next interview makes for interesting reading, involving his favourite movies and film-makers, his process, his thoughts on working with big money, big actors and much more. Also includes a special mention of the tumbling hallway sequence from Inception!!

He may be the only director with a suitcase full of hate mail at home while winning “Movie of the year” at multiple award functions but nobody can deny that this man has one of the most novel approaches to cinema and film making. This last article includes advice from the pro, so all you aspiring directors; read on and get inspired!

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