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The aspiring data scientist’s “one stop shop”

It’s hard enough to figure out what you want to do. What’s even more challenging is the how! How do I go about it? How do I get in touch with people in the field who will be able to guide me best? In this post we try to answer just that for you.

Berkeley’s data science blog has a post where they asked more than 40 thought leaders in various industries how they’d define the phrase “big data”. There are some extremely interesting answers so make sure to read it!

Here, find out 8 simple steps to become a data scientist. Of course it isn’t an easy as the title suggests but you’ll get there!

Here, find out what newsletters you need to subscribe to to keep abreast with all new developments in the field.

Finally, because we all need a role model, this data scientist featured in Forbes “helped revolutionize agriculture”. Find out how, here.

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