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What is a market research analyst?

Answer by A Quora admin: Michael DeHart

Hi there!
Breaking into the field of market research can be tough, but if successful you can go from a 40k entry-level job to over 100k in less than 5 years.  I personally went from 33k to 110k in less than 3 years and would like to teach you how to have a similar meteoric rise in this industry.
You’ll need top-notch project management, communication, and self-motivation skills first and foremost.  From there you need to decide what area appeals to you – Project Management?  Sales?  Quantitative Analyst/Statistical Analyst?  Client Service Rep? Qualitative Analyst/Focus Group Moderator?  Business Development?  I’ve worked in all of these capacities in my career in market research and have solid, directly actionable advice on how to get into any of the above areas.
The best market researchers become trusted advisors to their clients and want to ‘own’ the whole project process – that means the good, the bad, and the ugly.  By taking 100% ownership and responsibility you’ll become a team member your boss can rely on and build trust-based relationships with your clients, which is the best way to garner repeat business.
I’m an Advisor on Wisewords if you’d like to chat about how to ‘make it’ in the field. I can give you specific details on any/all of the above areas.  Feel free to reach out: Michael Dehart is on Wisewords

What is a market research analyst? How can I become a good market research analyst?

Also check out this link to know what a day in the life of a market research analyst looks like.

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