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What is a normal day like in a game developer’s life?

Answer by A Quora admin: Aleksey Dmitriev

By background: I’m in game industry since 2009, develop Facebook games, and work as a lead in a team of 6 developers.

My usual day begins from checking game statistics. There are multiple indicators I look at – signups, purchases, internal game economy, number of support requests, server performance and errors.

Second step is to check support requests and respond to the most important and critical. Some require immediate action such as fixing game-breaking bugs. We work in a team so I can ask programmers to fix it or do it by myself. As soon as the most important requests are addressed I can leave the rest to our support staff and move on.

Next thing is the current update in progress. I check tasks with programmers and designers, provide additional details about certain to-dos when it’s necessary, review developed code, and test changes deployed to beta testing server. Sometimes I have some tasks assigned to me like game balance, figuring out new formulae for progression, adding new levels, etc. These tasks require little programming skills and a strong vision of the whole game as a solid system.

If I have enough time and energy I can try to do something new like develop an experimental feature, change something that is not mission-critical but needs to be changed, optimize some game code. I was a full-time programmer about two years but now it’s just a hobby.

Another important thing is to stay in touch with game players. I chat with some of them, post to official group, respond to comments and private messages, check some players’ progress, ask for their opinion about recent changes and upcoming features.

During short breaks I read some game-related blogs and news on my tablet, check out twitter where I subscribed to lots of game devs, and discuss new ideas with colleagues.

What is a normal day like in a game developer’s life?

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