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What’s it like to be a “bar raiser” at Amazon?

Answer by A Quora admin: Dan Paik

I was not a BR but conducted over 60 interviews in around a 15 month period.  I knew most of the BRs in our group and interacted with them on an almost daily basis.

It’s sort of a prestigious role within the company to your peers but it’s a really tough job.  If you don’t protect your time wisely, you can spend 20 hours/wk on BR activity.  There are constantly last minute requests for you to BR an interview loop and even though they are supposed to try to keep their interviews manageable at 2/wk that rarely happens.  In addition, there are always hiring events going on where they need a BR for an entire day (or multiple days out of town).  Amazon is constantly hiring so BRs are in heavy demand.

BRs also have a tough job in that they have to deal with a lot of random hiring managers who simply don’t know what they are doing.  Usually the new hiring managers who don’t know the culture and system try to push for a candidate who clearly doesn’t meet the hiring bar so the BR has the tough job of blocking the hire.

The debriefs are also run by the BR and every now and then, even though everyone is inclined, the BR needs to make the tough call to not hire if the discussion surfaces things that seemed minor but turn out to be a common theme that raises concern.

It’s mostly a thankless job since your manager expects you to perform at a high level on your job regardless of your BR activities.  Being a good BR also rarely goes into your performance review.

So why do it?  It’s altrustic…you’re a saint and you want to be a good Amazonian.  Be good to recruiters…

What is it like to be a “bar raiser” at Amazon?

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