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What is it like to work as a Biomedical Engineer?

Answer by A Quora admin: Sabyasachi Patel

As a Biomedical Engineer, you need to get comfortable with your role as Jack of all trades.

A good Biomedical Engineer can function as a bridge between all the other departments. A good team player who can understand the needs and technical difficulties of the software team and the the hardware team can help integrate the process of development better.

You job responsibilities will vary greatly depending on whether you work for a Startup or a major organization.

  • Startups are incredibly exciting to work for and you will see a wide role where you get a chance to be all over the place and learn a bit of everything. The downside of Startups are that most of them fail.
  • Working for a major organization is a lot more streamlined and generally slower paced. You have set protocols to follow for everything. Less stressful and more balanced environment. The downside is that you learn less and do whatever specialized tasks you are assigned.

Overall, its an exciting field to be in and the job market for Biomedical Engineers is set to grow by 72% in the next ten years. That’s the highest of all professions.

This link will give you all the numbers and statistics you need: Biomedical Engineers

Also see: Sabyasachi Patel’s answer to What is the salary of biomedical engineers?

What is it like to work as a Biomedical Engineer?

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