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Where can a Biomedical Engineer work?

Answer by A Quora admin: Kush Tripathi

Biomedical Engineering is one of the most upcoming branch of engineering.
A Biomedical Engineer needs to have an expertise in all the basic fundaes of engineering as well should have a common sense to apply those in the medical field

A Biomedical Engineer works in different fields

  1. Engineering and innovating new biomedical devices which save life, like dialysis machine, heart lung machine, MRI, CT and Ultrasound and even more. All the medical devices which help in improving quality of life and healthcare are created by biomedical engineers or people who work in Biomedical Engineering
  2. Servicing and Maintaining the Equipments in hospital and other healthcare facilities to ensure the superb quality of healthcare. A doctor without Biomedical Equipments is kind of helpless as even Stethoscope is Biomedical
  3. Selling Medical Devices
  4. Innovating new technologies related to stem cells, tissue engineering, creating artificial organs like kidney, heart, liver

Biomedical Engineering provides all the avenues related to healthcare.

Biomedical Engineering is a recession free field. It will grow always and everywhere

What is it like to work in the field of biomedical engineering?

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