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What technical skills do you need to be a game developer?

Answer by A Quora admin: Animesh Jha

Usually the skillset differs according to the platform you are developing for, but a generic skillset are follows:

Programming: C++ , C, C# , these days its C++ and C# heavy + knowledge of 3D math in areas of AI (machine learning) and gameplay.

Technical Art: Shader programming: CG, HLSL, Tools programming: C++ , C#

3D modeling: 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender

Level Design (Engine wise): Unity 3d, Unreal UDK

Game Design: Senior level position of someone who has moved to a design role from the above position.

As a starter, Unity 3d is a great game engine to learn all areas of game development. A portfolio or a completed game is required to access skillset of the candidate before a interview is given to him. (This can be images or code, or design, any visual form.)

Also know that being a “Gamer” is not a viable reason to join the game industry, the knowledge benefits but is not a 100% salable reason.

What technical skills, i.e (software knowledge) must you learn to become a game developer or work in the video games industry?

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