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What is the day-to-day life of a New York Times columnist like?

The New York Times is perhaps the most famous American newspaper known globally. Started in 1851, it has won 114 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other news organization! So, it stands to reason that the best way to find out about a typical day in the life of a journalist, would be from someone working at the New York Times! 

Answer by A Quora admin: Nicholas Kristof

This varies, and I can’t speak for the other columnists. But when I’m in New York, I start the day reading the Times and Wall Street Journal very thoroughly,and browsing The Washington Post and some online sites. I get to the office around 10 and have various meetings that I’ve set up, usually with people passing through New York. We write two columns a week, so I’m always thinking and planning what my next column will be and reporting on it. On my deadline days, Wednesdays and Fridays, I focus on writing it, and then turn it in by about 5 pm or so.

But an equally typical day for me is reporting in the field, so I may be trying to extract a visa from some unpleasant regime or trying to talk my way across a border. When in the field, I usually travel with a video journalist from the Times, which is nice for the company and then leads to a video for the Times website.

My single wildest trip was in eastern Congo, when I was trying to cover the civil war there. The trip started with a plane crash, and then I ended up being chased through the jungle by rebels for a week–and in the course of that I caught the most lethal form of malaria. Ah, just another day in the office for a journalist….

What is the day to day life of a New York Times columnist like?

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