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Career tips from a bassist

So, I have heard this number “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk a couple of times. It featured someone that I admire – Pharrel Williams. But then I was pleasantly surprised to read about another of the collaborators on this number (in fact the entire album Random Access Memories) – Nathan East.

Nathan East is one of the most popular bassists in the music industry having worked with legends like George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins. But his life is the kind of material that blockbuster movies can be made of (with Denzel Washington in the lead)  – well, a documentary was recently made on his life, so I’m not so far off the mark. He is not just a musician, but a pilot and a magician. Plus a father and a husband.

To find out more about the man who believes in squeezing every moment out of life, read this write up on him by Fast Company.

One thing that really stood out for me was East’s you can have it all philosophy towards life – in his own words

“I never got the memo that you can’t be everything, can’t do everything,” he says. “I just want to get as much life as possible while here.”

Well, for those of us who got the memo – we are tearing it up today, right now!

Hey, just because I felt like here’s the link to Nathan East’s collaboration with Daft Funk – Get Lucky


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