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Did you know that these 5 hobbies can make you work better?

Most people view hobbies as a way to de-stress from work or break the monotony of a regular work day. I have often heard people say

“I can’t wait to get out of the office so that I can play a round of tennis.”

“The only thing that gets me through the day is that ride that I am going on this weekend.”

“I work so that I can fund my hobbies.”

“I work 8 hours a day because it takes care of the basics, the rest of the time is for my interests.”

Well, a new article on Fast company says that there is a positive correlation between hobbies and performance at work. Not all hobbies, but these 5 in particular.

1. Yoga

2. Playing a musical instrument

3. Playing a team sport

4. Volunteering

5. Learning improv comedy

If you are already pursuing one or more of these then you perhaps need to pay closer attention to how you are performing at work!

Our conclusion is that any activity which is significantly different from what you do at work and which energizes you is only going to enhance your work performance! So, irrespective of the hobby, pursue them actively or take up one today – the upside is pretty big! And hey, you may also start enjoying your job too!

Image courtesy: Flickr user Cristina Fierro

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