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How to hit the right notes

Chris Avinash, has been an independent musician, composer and producer for the last 16 years. So, if you have been toying with the idea of building a career in music or have been in it for a while and are looking for a reason to stay the course, you need to hear from Chris.

Here is the 101 from Chris on building a career in Music!

Lines, Clefs, Notes….the Top 3 skills needed

1. The most important skill is a good ear for music and its textures. This comes from passion and practice – in that order.
2. Understanding and using current technology keeping in mind the importance of the human element in music.
3. To be excited and willing at all times to lend your skill to diverse applications of your practice – never spread yourself too thin. Take up everything irrespective of how “boring” or unexciting you may find it initially.

Be prepared for….

If you do not do mainstream work – the Indian context being Bollywood, Sandalwood etc – be prepared for the unpredictability of the type of assignments you’ll get. If you have got multiple interests and are lucky enough to be in music and theater – be ready for erratic income!

Mistakes one can avoid making

The biggest mistake is to stop learning – whether it’s new chord progressions or new ways to devise a stage play or a new way to integrate a string session into a song or an alternate tuning or listening to advice from other people in the industry. Never stop the learning. It’s the new stuff you do which brings a fresh perspective to the old stuff that got you till here.
The second biggest mistake to avoid is to depend on any one source or project. Have multiple interests that keep you on thinking on your feet.

Brick and mortar tools that can help

It helps for aspiring sound engineers to do a basic course or diploma in sound engineering. It’s not necessary though. With patience and YouTube you can learn more than has ever been possible in the history of mankind. Be disciplined enough to apply what you learn so as to get good at it.

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