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Should career counselling for girls be different?

I am a WFHM (Work From Home Mom). I used to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) until I discovered this lovely job which allowed me to write while being at home with my child.

So, when I became a parent I never really thought much about acronyms associated with Moms.  Well, I had a choice – stay at home to look after my child or go to work and hire a good nanny to watch my child till I returned.  But just like parenting evolves so does the choices one makes.  So, that’s when I learnt more about SAHMs and so on.

I started out reading this article “Are Stay-at-Home Moms becoming extinct? to actually find out if they were.  But one aspect in this article stood out for me.  If a girl in college or high school is counselled to look at career choices based on whether it will allow them to spend more or less time with their kids, would it make a difference to the number of moms who worked versus those that didn’t?

Should women's life choices define their career choices?

Should women’s life choices define their career choices?

I haven’t really reached a conclusion, and post reading this article, hope that you will reach your own.  But I have been mulling over it and thinking “what if I was given these options, would I have done things differently after I became a Mom?”

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  1. “Work from home mom” is the best and satisfactory. I see increase in productivity also. It would be great to career counsel girls differently, in a healthier way which show them various options available to keep career ongoing after marriage and kids. Good topic!!


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