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Taking a break need not mean the end of a promising career

I took a break for a significant period of time to look after my young child.  During that period I thought fleetingly of my career and my professional aspirations, as my time was consumed with feeding, changing, toilet training and dealing with full blown tantrums.  But when my child started going to school and exhibiting signs of independence, I found myself with a brain that required stimulation and time that needed to be filled.  I started to think about working again and more importantly to focus on creating a meaningful career.

I was lucky enough to discover an organization which allowed me to ease my way back into professional life. But for many men and women who take breaks to look after children or old parents or sort out pressing health and family matters, the transition back into professional life is not easy.

Does taking a break from one's career to care for children or aging parents mean the end of the road (career wise)?

Does taking a break from one’s career to care for children or aging parents mean the end of the road (career wise)?

For e.g., I know a lot of well educated moms who have taken a break to look after their kids and are raring to get back to work, but are not sure if they can still make it professionally. Apart from questioning their ability, they believe that the opportunities for them are limited.

The concept of a re-entry program like the one mentioned in this article is probably the answer to this predicament.

I strongly believe that when mom and dad are happy and fulfilled, they make for better parents.  Here’s hoping that organizations make programs for re-entry one of their top priorities.

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