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What you can do if you have stayed up late and need to be up early

There are a slew of articles on the relationship between success at work and waking up early (with the roosters or maybe before them) But what does that mean for those of us who are our most productive at night or who are genetically or biologically programmed to be night people (read this interesting article on brain structures and why some of us are early risers, and others night owls) Does this mean that success will always elude us or in order to be successful means changing our rest and activity periods?

Well, this article should put things into perspective and give hope to many (moi included) who are essentially night owls and for whom the crack of dawn is not as appealing as it is to many others. These tips can help navigate precarious situations like getting up in time for a morning meeting after a long night at work, or feeling refreshed beforeĀ hitting the office.

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