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Taking notes by hand will make you a smarter learner

Are you a notetaker? Do you take notes during meetings or do you prefer to wait to read the minutes later? Or do you open the Notes section on your Android or iPhone and start typing in things to remember?

1. if you are not a notetaker, we suggest that you become one
2. if you are one to note down things on your phone, we suggest that you don’t
3. if you find carrying a notebook to a meeting not quite your thing, we suggest you make it your thing

Taking notes by hand helps retain information a lot better

A study carried out shows that people inclined to make notes by hand are bound to be better learners than those drumming away at their keyboards. While taking down notes on a  laptop will help you note down most of what is being said, perhaps even verbatim, it probably won’t help your brain retain anything.  But noting down by hand allows your brain to process the information better and recall it with more clarity as the effort of writing will make you jot down what is relevant and essential to know.

So, next time you need to go in to a meeting or attend a training session, invest in a good notebook and pen! It will definitely be worth your while – and maybe would help build your reputation as someone with a prodigious memory!

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