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Travel, a husky and Instagram – all part of a day’s work

I recently became a pet owner, more precisely a dog owner. While I have always adored pooches I have never really kept one until now.

Like most pet owners to say that I have become attached to my pooch would be an understatement.  And this is not something that is unique to me.  My spouse and I often discuss “pooch sharing” – days when our pup will stay at home with me and days when he will accompany and keep my husband company at his workplace. And of course there is my daughter, who would gladly bundle him into her backpack and carry him off to school.

So, I was delighted to chance upon the story of a fellow pet owner who quit his job to do something that I hope to someday – travel with his pooch, a husky.

What brought a smile to my face was that all of this intrepid traveller’s experiences (uploaded on Instagram) feature only his husky. With light hearted captions, beautiful backdrops have been elevated courtesy this lovely animal whose joy at being outdoors is almost palpable in the images.

If the essence of life is to do what you love and love what you do, then this little husky and his owner have captured it. Here’s wishing them many more travels and many more adventures – together of course!


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