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Category: Journeys

Finding meaning in rights based work

"Rayan with his Che shirts probably did not realize when he was just a regular college goer that a cowering child and a woman demanding an egg for her two children would be part of his normal work day."

Capturing moments – with love and candor

"Working on her own “project” made Gayathri realize that taking pictures of private moments and events is more than just about setting up equipment and getting the right light and angle."

Putting down Roots

"James did not go into the details which led him to the small coastal town he now lived in. He said “So many things happened, and I landed up here. I am happy and peaceful here. I miss Mumbai – but that is in my past.”

From Cleaner to Beautician

"Through her work Sharada has financed a house, two autorickshaws – one for her husband, another for her son, got her daughter married and sends her youngest son to private school (with tuitions in the evening)."

What do you do when life throws you a curve ball

"Like most resilient people, Kamala has dreams. It looks like her problems at home are resolving themselves one at a time, and she knows that there will come a time when she will need to focus on herself. And she is well prepared."

Creating a Home away from Home

"However, unlike many who start in a job and eventually make that field their career, Narayani’s professional journey has been anything but predictable."

A Teacher Ahead of Her Time

"At a time when women are being encouraged to “lean in” (or not!), when Oscar acceptance speeches are considered controversial because of their focus on equal wages for both sexes, one person – characterized by resolve and determination, along with a sense of gravitas – challenged a “gender bias”."

How to hit the right notes

Chris Avinash, a talented musician, composer and producer gives his take on what you need to make it in the music industry!